Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day! So what is the cost?

Well, it is finally Election Day.  I purposefully put off writing this until now; I just returned from the polling place in the quaint Village of Clyde and I assume all of you who are inclined to vote, have already voted.

I didn’t want to impose my political beliefs on you, but there is a huge dilemma that I have been pondering.  This has been like no other presidential campaign in modern history, in fact, as Greg Gutfeld said the other day, “This has been more painful than a prostate exam with unclipped finger nails.”

So here is my thought:  This election has been fraught with derisive personalities, rude accusations, and belittling comments hurled toward the electorate (you and me).  But the bottom line is that it is the ideology behind these two disliked candidates that will govern this nation.  In the next few hours, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be named President Elect (although the election will not be over until January 6 when Congress counts the Electoral College votes).  In any event, one ideology is going to win out over the other.  But at what cost?

I invite each of you to set aside the aversion you feel for the other side and carefully consider the faults and criticisms of your own candidate.  What cost are you willing to expend to see your ideology win?  This is something we all have to answer over the next few years (or generations if you consider the Supreme Court).

So if you believe that half of the U.S. population is an irredeemable basket of ignorant deplorables, led by an unpolished, bigoted, sexual predator, hot-head bent on war, or that the Utopian promise of progressive liberalism will be as successful and effective here as it has been in Venezuela and that Secretary Clinton is above the law despite being steeped in decades of dishonesty and corruption, be prepared to pay the cost if your side wins.