Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are you crazy? You can't wear white after Labor Day!

     The Post-Labor Day

Invoice Letter to my Clientele

     I guess you have put away all of your white hats, white shoes and white belts; Labor Day has come and gone.  It’s time to winterize the pool, put the barbeque grill in storage, say goodbye to the beach, dry-dock the boat, pull out the jerseys and sweaters, and give up on seeing blue skies or feeling the warmth of the sun until next year.  No?  Me either!  I’m going to milk this season right up until the first frost, and maybe then some.  (Oh, and if you do ever see me with a white belt or white shoes, call the police and have me committed -- I’ll deal with Nurse Rached.)
     I am really not looking forward to the change of seasons, not because fall is coming (hey, I live in the Smoky Mountains, it doesn’t get any more beautiful), but this year’s incessant rains pretty much thwarted all of my usual summer activities.  We have had more than FIVE FEET of rain this year so far.  Stand up, put your hand at about five feet up on your body, look around at your visible world and think about how much water that had to be.
     Okay, swim over here and dry off.  After the last time you got one of these letters, posts, invoices, whatever, I did change to that expensive medication I talked about and (yay) no side effects, in fact, I feel better than I have in years.  The benefits are more than just not feeling crappy, cranky or sad, (I know, I know, I still get cranky sometimes, so shut up!) but once again I am enjoying spending time writing and working with other writers in a collaborative you-help-me / I’ll-help-you effort.  There’s no way I can explain how mentally, physically and spiritually good that is for me.  It does mean longer hours at the computer, but that stuff is hardly “work.”  Right now my only fear is that when you all stop your summertime goofing off and non-stop vacationing; you’re going to kill me with that other kind of tedious work.
     All of that good-for-me stuff said, I am catching some major grief from the author of my honey-do list.  It would seem that she can think of new things faster than I can ignore them do them.  Fortunately for me, she is leaving soon for a reunion trip with her high school friends in the Garden State, and when she returns, she leaves again almost immediately for a wedding in the Sunshine State.  That should stunt the growth of the list long enough that I can finally catch up (It should, but it won’t -- I stupidly taught her how to use email -- what the hell was I thinking!).
     I’m going to keep this a little short (stop applauding!) because I have to attend to some things that are happening over on my blog site.  If you get time, swing by there.  I have posted quite a few things that you wouldn’t see unless you’ve been reading it.

     As always, leave me a comment or criticism, (please) visit one of the advertisers (no need to buy anything, just visit) and share anything and everything that you find interesting or funny with as many friends as you have (both of them).  It help$. 

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