Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Portal to the Universal Mind

The portal never seemed to open for more than just a few minutes; rarely longer than the time needed to steal a quick touch, a sweet taste or the scent of her hair.   He was practiced in the use of dimensional thinking; it had been the source of his intellectual prowess since he was a child when he himself was taught to use the Mind.  But this woman he had found was something he had never encountered before or even imagined could exist.  Her mind, even untrained, was more powerful than anyone he had ever known.  No, this was not going to be an ordinary student; this was someone he needed; an unpolished crystal of immense importance; a gemstone of power and influence; the foci of global wide dimensional energies.  But this was going to be complicated also, because before he had seen her face, before he had heard her voice, with only shared intuitions as his basis of knowledge, there was a revelation of that ethereal truth behind those fantastical notions of the poets; he discovered an illogical, impossible love.

The teacher had found his new student by accident.  Like all teachers, he had kept his mind clear and attuned to the energies of other minds, not really searching.  Student minds are like tiny candles in a well-lighted room, a teacher instinctively watches not for a glow, but for the flicker.  This new student was an anomaly in the mass chaos of the Collective Consciousness.  Her mind was a lighthouse beacon amid the infinite patterns floating through the dimensional planes.  For her, the portal remained open and she didn’t even know it was there.  Like moths around her light, intellects swarmed her with countless noises and thoughts, racing at the speed of light.  She had the power but not the knowledge to harness and rein individual patterns.  She doubted her sanity.

The teacher opened himself, reaching through the distance that separated them; he knew her before she would know herself.  A social contact and shared interest laid the foundation for a requisite friendship and trust.   Insecure and misanthropic, the teacher maintained a sparse pool of true friendships or intimate relationships.  Acquaintances and associates were easy; there was no need for personal disclosures.  This new student posed an awkward conundrum: to love he needed to be loved, and he felt unworthy of either.  

Most innately talented minds resist learning and understanding their abilities; hers was no different.  The so-called normal population dismisses intuition, foreknowledge and “hunches” as superstition and freak coincidences.  Children are taught from infancy that the mind is enclosed and the only thoughts and ideas residing in the mind are those put there through knowledge and learning.  Psychiatrists pontificate that if someone thinks thoughts that are not their own, then their mind must be broken and in need of psychotropic medication and brain washing therapy.  Students of the Universal Mind and Dimensional Thinking have to unlearn these societal notions of normality and open themselves to a different reality.  Knowledge of the power of the Universal Mind can be both a curse and an asset.   The concept of exploiting the Collective Consciousness for intelligence from both embodied and disembodied intellects is often mistaken for insanity, especially when naively confessed to people ignorant of the conceptual possibilities.  Most “learned” authorities, ignorant of the work by Jung, Freud, Da Vinci, Newton, Emerson and Einstein, assume these ideas must be paranormal, and therefore without sound scientific bases.   Young talent is frequently stifled by the stigma of misdiagnoses.

The new student, like so many students before her, spent her life in disbelief; tending to think only with her local mind, attempting to ignore the invasive ideas and knowledge that to the uneducated, seemed impossible.  She feared her connection to the Mind; she was different and had lived too many years being told that her difference was evidence of a mental malady.  As the inevitable but purposeful friendship grew, she revealed a lifelong torment of familial and relational detraction.  She had come to believe that her difference, her power was some form of defect and something she feared.  The teacher accepted the challenge to appease her fears, cultivate her talents, expand her perceptions and teach her to exploit the Mind, so that she, in turn, could teach him.  A juxtaposed student and teacher, their unlikely acquaintance fated; their impossible love accidental.

The lessons began; his mind reached for her, pulling at the subconscious walls between her inner psyche and the Universal intellect.  She was at once both there and here.

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  1. Hey! You can't just end the story like that, just when I was getting into it. No fair!

    But yes, I think this would indeed make a great beginning for a series on the collective mind and the interlinking of consciousness. A novel worthy of the name "novel"! It's something I tried to convey in A Damaged Mirror--that memory and identity are not encapsulated, but rather, are tied to something deeper, nameless and un-nameable, that we encounter whenever we truly interact with another person. Some readers get it immediately and see the implications for their own lives. Others simply see it as representative of one person's experience--or at most, the result of extraordinary circumstances--never realizing that they too are part of the same story.

    I hope you'll write the book!

    Yeshar Koah! (Hebrew for "more power to ya!")